A few comments on the video.

Many believe that demonic forces will ‘take over’ the robotic bodies and use them to harm humans.

It makes sense that a robot cannot supersede its code, and therefore cannot do harm unless programmed to do harm. BUT, we are living in a spiritual realm not a logical one. It is very possible and also prophesied by modern prophets that unclean spirits can infiltrate the robot avatars and bring them to life.

Some things to consider from the book of Revelation. Who is the beast? Who is the false witness? What is the mark of the beast? Is the false prophet, the mainstream media? Is the beast, technology? Is the mark of the beast the belief and dependence on technology instead of Yah?

When it’s said that no one can ‘buy or sell’ unless they have the mark of the beast (Rev.13:17), was this a mistranslated phrase like when we say give or take (i.e., give or take a few)? Meaning it’s not literal that those without the mark can’t buy things, but that like today, it’s difficult to make simple transactions without a debit or credit card since we are moving away from cash?

Many understand that the mark of the beast is not a physical mark. In the same way the 144,000 aren’t sealed with a physical mark. The mark is a mentality. There are two camps: those that believe technology is a god and those who believe in a true and living God.