These beautiful people in the video below believe so. In my opinion, there are a lot of antichrist statements in the New Testament. There are contradictions which equal Traps. These traps form a net for those who don’t have Yah’s Holy Spirit inside them. It causes them to look at Christianity through a carnal lens and not a spiritual one.

It is a stumbling block causing many, many to fall! Because they are following the words of imperfect men rather than the commands of the perfect Messiah.

I stumbled upon these Believers by chance, but really it wasn’t, as Yah placed them into my feed. And I’m so glad to encounter others who see clearly that the Bible is a wonderful tool, but it cannot save you. Only a relationship with the One the book is about, can.

A friend of mine used to read his Bible every night. He had a sudden illness and died, and found himself going down a dark tunnel to hell. He cried out to Yah for another chance, saying he would do everything in his power to spread the gospel. He was granted this opportunity to come back to life and he fulfilled his promise. He wasn’t a bad person before dying. He just was a lukewarm believer. That was his status and therefore hell was his portion. It seems harsh, but Yashua died a very harsh death. He wants ALL of us, not part.

His testimony opened my eyes to the will of God. And since then I’ve been working on my relationship with The Messiah. The Bible is a beautiful work, especially the books that have been removed from our current version. But again, it’s only a tool, not the definitive source.

I hope this video edifies you, if you haven’t already viewed it. Blessings!