Temple of The Messiah

Where Heaven Meets Earth


If you would like to be saved and receive Messiah as Lord, please pray this prayer, feeling free to edit or adapt it. If you can name your sins, that’s even better.

“Mother/Father in Heaven, I have heard your word, I believe that your son Messiah is Lord and that you raised him from the dead and he is now seated at your right hand upon the throne of mercy. Forgive me of my sins, make me a new creature. Please write my name in the book of life. I am your child from now on. In Messiah’s name, Amen.”

I did not write this prayer. Many thanks and blessings to whoever did.

Important: Stay away from sin and those who willfully sin, pray and repent each and every day, and set aside time daily to be still, quiet, and listen to any messages the Most High may have for you.