Temple of The Messiah

Where Heaven Meets Earth


Welcome, we are glad you are here. You are most likely in prison for one of two reasons: 1. You are innocent, and are locked up wrongfully or 2. You deserve to be where you are, even if you do not agree with how much time you have to serve.

For those in the first category, there is a reason and purpose you are where you are. God knows this purpose, and will share it with you if you sincerely ask. Maybe it is because you need to uplift someone else, maybe it is because of something you did wrong that you are being punished for in this manner. Maybe, like Joseph in the Bible, it is for a greater purpose to be revealed in your future. Regardless, you have the opportunity to build something beautiful from this experience. If you’re not familiar with the story of Nelson Mandela, check into it. It may inspire you.

You will be released when God is ready for you to be, so please take comfort in knowing you are in a temporary situation.

For those in the second category, much of the above may apply to you as well. But. You have a golden opportunity to turn things around, regardless of how permanent and limited you may feel your future is. Christ is coming back to reclaim true believers. The walls will be broken open, as they were in the time of the disciples and prophets that followed Jesus, and in many many other situations, much of them not known to the general public. Don’t despair and give up. If you truly give your heart and life to Christ, be assured that miracles will happen. Remember these words as you walk out of the prison one day, and look back at the doors that you felt you would never ever have the chance to walk through.

Please use your time wisely. Suggested activities are reading the Bible and other divinely-inspired materials. We do recognize the Bible is not complete, and has been edited and altered in a negative ways, and is by far not the definitive word from heaven. However, there are lots of text and stories that are given to us from the Most High, and can and will change your understanding and perspective on things.

Another suggestion is to write letters to God. Spell it all out. Tell him/her how you feel, about your repentance, and how much you love him/her. This is a way of connecting with the Most High, and will create a sense of joy within you. You will also find that communicating with God is much more fulfilling than it can be with any human being. This can be a mind blowing, heart melting experience.

A third suggestion is to join with other inmates and pray together.

These are just basic and general ideas. If you ask God what you personally and specifically are supposed to do, and wait patiently, you will surely get the answer you need. You will feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. You can be free even though behind bars. Your faith can take you places your physical body cannot. Wishing you love and blessings.

Below is a link to real-life stories from prisoners on a site called precious-testimonies.com. Check out a few, they can be quite encouraging. That link also contains a FREE EBOOK on Christians in prison, which is also recommended as a great resource for you.