Note: I wrote this on 11-13-2018 but waited until I got the OK from Messiah (Christ) to publish this. Later, I was told I was to build some sort of prayer temple, and for now, it’s mainly online. I now refer to God by the Hebrew name, Yah, but other than a few minor edits, I kept this as written back in 2018.

Hello. I’m going to give a brief testimony, and tell you why this temple was founded. Sometime in the year 2017 I had a terrible dream. I have long believed that the Most High speaks to us in dreams and visions, and I have had prophetic dreams in the past. So when I had this dream in which I was told that I would have to bury a lot of people, it shook me badly. When I woke up, I desperately sought interpretation because it was very real and very emotional. Basically in the dream, lots of people had died, and I was one of a few survivors, and we were tasked with burying the dead bodies. So I asked God for the meaning, and like many times, I was not given an instant answer. It was a series of events over the next few months that opened my spiritual eyes, and shook me up even more.

I began to understand that this world we are living in is only a temporary station. We are only here, and I emphasize the word only, in order to be reconciled with our creator. The biblical story of Adam and Eve, while not being completely literal (as a lot is lost in translation), is truthful in that it depicts the fact mankind at one point lived in Paradise, and at another point fell from this glorious environment. It is like we are in a holographic environment, placed purposefully, to see how we will react. Will we follow the way of the world (the devil), or will we sanctify and purify ourselves, becoming fully like our God, -in whose glorious image we are fashioned- in order to make it back into the Paradise from which we fell?

I began to understand that this Earth is one small step from hell. If we don’t become holy, there is no other place for us to go when we pass, because heaven is a place of pure holiness, and God cannot stand the presence of sin. It is like a stink to her nose. Where sin is, God removes him/herself. I began to see myself as a major sinner even though I believed in God. But don’t the demons and the devil believe in God also?

I learned that mankind’s true history is being hidden, and what they teach in schools is false. Many books were purposefully removed from the bible because they speak to this true history. I learned from the book of Enoch (Noah’s great grandfather) that fallen angels were kicked out of heaven and came down to earth. They not only mated with human women and created a race of giants, they changed the nature of the earth. People then began to kill animals in order to eat, to sin in many ways, and even the nature kingdom became violent and predatory.  Much of this is detailed in the book of Enoch.

I began to see that even though I called myself a Christian and believed in Christ, I was not totally following Christ. I was what they call a lukewarm Christian, I had one foot in the world and one foot out. That is not good enough. God calls us to be like him/her, holy and pure. But I was following my own mind, desires, and sinful nature. I was not a repentant person, although I was mindful of sin and the need to be kind to everyone. But I did not ask God to show me my hidden sins, and I had a bunch, such as pride, stubbornness and the biggie, willful independence. I had one foot deep in the new age movement, and I was convinced that we as humans had the power to create our own reality. Therefore, we did not need God to create it for us, and God in my life took a sort of background role, as I carved out my own destiny, coming to God in prayer when I needed something for myself or a loved one, but not dedicating my entire life to God. I had no clue that we are required to serve God and bear fruit for the kingdom, as no church (and I had been to many) taught me anything of real value. Needless to say, I had a lot of challenges, problems, and kept going around and around the same loop, not seeming to make any real progress.

Then one day in early 2018, I broke all the way down. I cried out to God because I realized that I had been unfaithful. I had committed spiritual adultery! And it hurt to know that I had hurt my Creator. What hurt even worse was knowing that God never left nor forsook me even though I had done the same to him/her. Realization of that kind of love was mindblowing and heartmelting. I had willfully separated myself from Christ and was following many of the ways of the world. I realized with all seriousness that I was literally on my way to hell. I could almost feel the smoke and heat, and hear the demons laughing at my foolishness.

At that point, I asked God to take me away from smoking weed. Even though I stopped for a short while in 2009, I had smoked it basically every day since I was in college, more than 20 years straight. I wrongfully believed it helped me in many ways. What I did not realize, was this lie was from the pit of hell. What it actually did was open a portal and allow demonic forces to control me. Even though I prayed strongly, which now I realize kept me at a certain level of protection, I was still allowing forces to come in and out of my life, which of course helped to wreak havoc.

So when I prayed the prayer asking God to take the desire to smoke away from me, in my mind I was thinking that I would slowly taper off, because again, smoking was an ingrained part of my life, it was something I did regularly and often, like eating. I never in my wildest imagination believed I could ever go cold turkey. The next day I woke up and had no desire to smoke. That was extremely unusual. I kept saying to myself, okay I’ll just smoke later on. I even went out and bought a new pack of rolling papers, thinking I would need them. The day passed and I did not smoke. The next day the same. After the third day I was floored with how quickly my prayer was answered! I really then knew without a doubt how much God really loves us and listens to our prayers.

About a month later, I rededicated myself to the Lord, and began to wear a wedding ring as symbolism of our union. Mind you, I have been married, but was not wearing my ring around the house. At that point I put it on and have not taken it off since. Since that time, which was March 21, 2018, a series of miracles have begun to happen in my life. I had always loved and cherished God, even though I had never made Christ a major part of my life. This was because of all of the previous miracles I had experienced in my life, some of them related to life-saving miracles and my children. But in early 2018, for the first time, I asked Christ to come into my heart and make me new. Even when I was baptized back in college I had never taken these steps nor sought to become reborn.

I had started an organization called Temple of Healing back in 1999 with my partner Dr. Rose. This organization had a lot of New Age beliefs, and although we did a lot of good there was still something missing that I could never quite put my finger on. After asking to be reborn, (I believe it is a process that does not necessarily happen instantaneously) I separated myself from that organization and began the concept of Temple of Messiah, which is founded  strictly on my newfound understanding, and belief that Christ is coming back soon. This was what I believed my dream was about, because God has still never fully explained it to me…yet.* (New note: although I could be wrong in light of this new pandemic). I believed it to be about the return of Christ and the fact many will be purged from the Earth. And that this will happen a LOT sooner than many believe!

New note: A few reasons why I wasn’t told the exact interpretation. 1) Deep down I really don’t want to know, 2) Yah is sparing me pain by keeping it from me.

Then, more miracles occurred. Now, I work solely for Christ. I gave up my aspiration to be a visual artist. (Although I was told afterward I should still open a gallery when I get the OK). Everything I do now is for the kingdom and for bringing as many into it as possible. This Temple is a joint collaboration with me and my Lord Christ as partners. I will do my part, and Christ will do the larger more important part of changing the hearts and minds of those who enter in with faith and repentance. I have a newfound joy knowing that I now have a chance to make it into the New Jerusalem Paradise (nothing is guaranteed, we must continue to overcome and live a holy life until the very end in order to remain in the Book of Life) and be with my Lord and Savior forevermore.

I welcome the opportunity to serve you and to worship the Lord with you. Peace and blessings!

Most of these articles were written over the last two years, but unpublished, so I’ll be posting them here as I finish editing.

~ Siona

P.S. This testimony will be updated and added to as things progress…