According to, it is.

It is the definntion of the word idol, which is also defined as, “any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion.”

The Bible can certainly be an idol, especially in today’s time.

But it’s a personal choice. Not everyone who reads the Bible puts it before God.

We must understand and recognize that we serve a Living God. Much of the Bible are dead letters and historical records.

It can be very edifying. But it is only a stepping stone.

Spending time in prayer, fasting (from the world, not just food and water), and meditation (on Yah’s love) will help us to stay in repentance. Repentance is a SUPERPOWER. It will keep us close to Yah and we will develop a solid and real relationship with Her Son, Yashua.

All the great men of the Bible such as Daniel were close to The Messiah. The Bible may seem to imply (if you read with discernment, Yashua was known in the Old Testament even before He came in the flesh) that he was not recognized. But he certainly was.

Who was David talking to in the Psalms? It was often The Messiah, see Luke 20: 41-44.

We must be Born Again. And filled with Yah’s Holy Spirit.

The Gospels (John, Matthew, Luke and Mark) are very important. They recount the spoken words and deeds of The Messiah.

The Psalms are songs that uplift and connect one to Yah.

The Proverbs are wise sayings that give instruction and guidance.

And the last book, Revelation, is a blueprint for what is going on in the world in these last days.

The Bible is a beautiful and fascinating guide. But Yashua is our true Idol… and our Hero!!!