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Don’t Be Offended, Just Open Your Mind

Ancient cultures considered God (Yah) as a female.  Attributing gender to such an amazing, magnificent being is a cultural thing, as Yah is so far beyond gender.  It’s a personal preference to use the feminine term, based on my understanding and relationship with this awesome, loving, caring, nurturing, generous and patient Presence. “…No one has seen God at any time.”  ~John 1:18

If no one has seen God’s (Yah’s) face (and lived to tell about it), how do we know what gender it could be?… although it is most likely beyond gender.

We don’t, and most follow cultural teachings on what Yah is supposed to be. But in ancient cultures, Yah was depicted as a black female. So there’s that.

But we do have clues. In nature. And all around us. Females have creative power, wombs that hold and give life. Wombs are like black holes in space. Where things emerge from. Just as all life emerges from Yah.

Yes, I know the Bible speaks of Christ (Yah in the flesh) referring to Yah as Father. The same bible that has been mistranslated and adultured. We are called to have discernment, not blindly follow. The Bible is WONDERFUL for inspiration and edification, but it is not the DEFINITIVE word of Yah. Yah is STILL speaking! And will always speak to her children. We are called into RELATIONSHIP with her so that we hear her voice at all times, that is, when She chooses to speak to us.

Besides, I have read a biblical version (that highly smacks more of authenticity than the standard versions, and when I find the link I’ll surely share) that shows the Messiah multiplying fruit – not fish – to feed the crowds. Apparently He was vegan. 🙂 If something that significant can be changed, nothing in the Bible may be literally correct, although the SPIRIT of truth remains.