Spiritual warfare is a thing. There are demonic entities and unclean spirits trying to suck our life force and steal from us, kill us and destroy us. That’s their job and they do it well.

But how do we deal with their interference?

From my experience, we first have to distinguish between an attack and a suggestion. For example, these spirits will usually and consistently attempt to steer us in the wrong direction. They will lie to us, tell us that someone is angry at us when in fact the person is just going through something. Tell us someone has done something bad to us when in fact no such thing happened. They tell us to make bad investments so we will lose money, or to get in relationships with the wrong people. They aim to deceive us into making bad decisions and into unforgiveness. They want us to be bitter, angry, fearful or depressed at all times.

But those are suggestions not attacks. Attacks can come in the form of a sickness, overall uneasiness, anxiety, or something physical like sleep paralysis or a blow from an unseen force.

I believe and have confirmation from others that if you live in repentance and have the Holy Spirit within you, you have a fire burning inside you that absolutely repels dark forces. They can’t stand the light, and they get burned by your fire. They are terrified of true believers!

Why then do some people think it necessary to use warfare prayers to ‘battle’ an enemy that is truly frightened of you and the Mighty One who protects you, The Messiah?

He already taught us how to pray in Matthew 6:9. In verse 13 we say “but deliver us from evil.” Those 5 words are powerful in the right hands. Because if we have Faith, our prayer will be acknowledged and we will be delivered from evil forces that try to attack.

I believe the Key to spiritual warfare is FAITH not long prayers. “[W]ithout faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6, NKJV).

So the bottom line is that FAITH and REPENTANCE keep the demons at bay, not long drawn-out prayers and fasting. However fasting is important – yet without faith and repentance it is weak and ineffective.

The Messiah repeatedly told us to be like little children, and that their angels always see the face of Yah. (Matthew 18:10).  Do little children say long warfare prayers or do they have faith that their heavenly mother/father will protect them always?

This message is intended to encourage those who are being attacked, have fasted and prayed yet the attacks never ease up. There is something left to be done: generally either it is in repentance of an unknown sin, or a lack of faith that needs to be addressed.