There’s a lot going on right now in terms of conversations regarding marriage. There’s a set of people that look to Bible statements other than from The Messiah himself that say marriage roles are to be a certain way.

I’m gonna say it – there are brainwashed women who really believe God created us to be helpmates to men…when nature, also made by God, says otherwise. Then there are those who feel as long as you’re married you can still live like the rest of the world. You can still lust after other people in your mind, because you’re not actually doing the act, when Yashua clearly states, sin begins in the mind, and thoughts can send you to hell.

Then there are those who believe you can love the sin out of somebody, meaning you can find you a sinner and love him or her until they get saved. That just isn’t the case.

We don’t have time to waste with the nonsense! Things are getting urgent and a whole lotta people are about to exit stage left via disease, plague, natural disasters or other means. Time is seriously of the essence!

Let’s please understand that God makes things simple. If Christ isn’t the center of your marriage, get out now. Don’t let another person cause you to lose your eternal life!

If you have children it’s even more imperative you show them a holy example of marriage because as you know, what they see will impact their beliefs and values.

Be blessed!