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Month: November 2021


CHRISTIANS WHO REFUSED TO OBEY THE LORD When I knelt down to pray again, I collapsed into a prostrate position before the Lord, and the vision started again. The Lord showed me where Christians who refused to obey Him, and […]

It Can Still Happen

VERONICA MENESES OF PUEBLA, MEXICO SOME WHO HAD RAPTURE EXPERIENCES STILL END UP IN HELL Before I knew the truth, I was just a member of the church. My body was enslaved by the devil. My spirit was weak, I […]


Philip Mantofa is a pastor in Mawar Sharon Church, Surabaya, Indonesia since 1998. January 1st, 2000, 5 am in the morning, I arrived in what was like a large desert, dry and infertile. The wind was so heavy and the […]