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Month: February 2021

Fave Site

One of my favorite sites got an upgrade. The Lord led me right to it when I first started this walk. And it has been a Treasure to my soul. Transcending earthly limitations is an option given to mankind. Many […]


* Many thanks to the source of this prayer. I’ve had it for some time but don’t know the earthly source. It is divinely inspired for sure. (Slightly edited for clarity). Blessings! PRAYER TO SURRENDER MY WILL TO GOD’S WILL, […]

Temple v. Church v. Cult

Definitions: Temple: an edifice or place dedicated to the service or worship of a deity or deities. Church:  the whole body of Christian believers; Cult: a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies. source: […]


Black people still ain’t changed. Over and over we were told to get it right or else…but many didn’t listen. So then came the chains and the slavery, which the Prophets warned us was gonna happen. But we killed some […]