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Month: September 2020


My daughter had this dream about 2 days ago. And today it came to mind that maybe I should share it. So I asked, and was given the OK. So here it goes: Quickly, before I get there I want […]

Are You Ready for This?

Forget going to a church building. In these new times, preaching is coming straight from born-again Believers… and from their visions, dreams, and experiences. Halleluyah! Can you handle the truth? Watch at the risk of saving your soul. Blessings.

Good People in Hell

I’ve seen too many, way too many, testimonies about good people in hell. It didn’t make logical sense. Until people like this man explained, that our version of ‘good’ isn’t God’s version. And that no one is sent to hell, […]

Dreams and Visions

Yah speaks to us: sometimes in dreams, sometimes audibly, sometimes quietly in our minds, sometimes in visions, sometimes through other people, and sometimes in life events or circumstance. Our job is to pay attention and listen. S/he really does seek […]