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Month: August 2020


Lots of prophets are speaking about Kingdom Marriages. I keep seeing this topic over and over from various people all over the world, saying the Most High is putting people together for the Great Revival. Couples that will do the […]

Our Body is a Temple

Editor’s Note: The translation and grammar may be a little off as I believe this was taken from a different language. Please read with understanding. From this testimony it appears that our real bodies, made of spirit, are like channels. […]

Proof God is Feminine

Cultural conditioning is a form of mass brainwash. But it’s what creates our society. The Bible tells us to become “new” and to be simple, like little children. It tells us to seperate ourselves from the world and “put on […]


Update: I don’t mean to imply humans can create all demons, but there are some demons I believe are created by our sins. These are lesser demons. Click here for a vid that goes into detail about different classes of […]

Book of Enoch

Thought I had some extra time…. But things have picked up and I’m busy again. So I had aimed to make an audio of this book, but it doesn’t look like it’ll happen soon. There’s a few different translations out […]