Work up at 6 am and prayed then went back to sleep. And this is what the Most High showed me. A sun with a line going through the middle, like it had handles. And then…fallen angels falling from the sky, I believe they were falling from this ‘sun,’ which isn’t really a planet but a ship. They call it Planet X or Niburu but again it’s not really a planet but a ship in my opinion. It brings the Angels of Punishment that are sanctioned by Yah to deal Her judgment on the earth. They looked like they were made of fire but in the form of bodies. They were not smiling and I knew they were about to handle some business.

I wasn’t shown what would happen when they hit the ground but here is what I believe will happen. They are all on assignment. And understand that the Most High is still in charge of the evil ones, they don’t operate on their own authority but are given permission to deal with sinners. They have a list of names. And they are coming to claim those that belong to them. I don’t think this is the final judgment, meaning I don’t think Messiah is coming right now….but please please don’t take my word for it. Pray for your own guidance.

What I can say for sure is if your name is on the hit list, you CAN get it removed if you sincerely repent NOW. Because when that cutoff time comes, and it’s coming soon, it will be too late. I’ve been having recurring dreams about this for about a year now and only shared them with friends and family. I may have written a post about it once but I got too many things going on to remember. If you are reading this right now, please be sure you are secure in Yashua/Jesus. He is the ONLY one that can save you from the wrath that is ALREADY HERE. It just hasn’t fulfilled itself yet.

On a lighter note, if we survive this horror show, there will be good things on the other side. A renaissance of tremendous scale. A newness in society where real talent and new ideas will shine. Newness in art, music, housing design, etc., a new world based on higher ideals and values. People will be more kind, loving and spiritual. Miracles will happen on the regular. And a lot of the kingdom marriages will happen. Yes, we might finally see an end to twerking, lol. Because the final scene of the  dream I won’t reveal but it was pleasant.

If you are reading this, Yashua loves you sooo much and wants to see you safe and secure…in him. If you haven’t already, place all your worries and troubles at his feet and sincerely repent of any sin and pledge not to go back to the vomit of iniquity.