Book of Hermes – removed from modern Bible


Of believing in one God.

FIRST of all believe that there is one God who created and framed all things of nothing into a being.

2 He comprehends all things, and is only immense, not to be comprehended by any.

3 Who can neither be defined by any words, nor conceived by the mind.

4 Therefore believe in him; and fear him; and fearing him abstain from all evil.

5 Keep these things, and cast all lust and iniquity far from thee, and put on righteousness, and thou shalt live to God, if thou shalt keep this commandment.

If Yah cannot be conceived by our little minds, how do we understand Him/Her?

Through the Son – Messiah. And through the Bible, especially the words in red, the words of The Messiah.

I believe this Sister. I had a dream as well. Most of us don’t really want to deny ourselves and follow him. This wretched world has too much of a hold on us. Fasting & Prayer are musts. Blessings!