In this day of more accurate revisions and restoration of true history, some are sadly negating the existence of The Messiah. It is being said that the entire New Testament is fiction, or the Jesus story is simply a retelling of the Egyptian Horus/Isis narrative, and that one or more writers contributed to this so-called myth. The reasons given are generally for political purposes.

There are a few reasons this isn’t true in my opinion.

1. There are ancient books that speak of The Messiah. Many of them are in the texts referred to as the “Lost Books.” For example, the Book of Adam and Eve, a length history of the fall from grace, refers to his future coming multiple times. Adam is told that his sin and disobedience¬† and subsequent failure to remain in paradise would be later rectified by his progeny. And that the Word would come to earth to redeem the earth from sin. All of these books written many years prior to the New Testament would have to be false also. This is highly unlikely. In fact, for this reason alone, it is clear and obvious Yashua came to this earth realm. Ancient and respected biblical figures knew about the Messiah. such as Enoch.

2. Ancient cultures spoke about the Messiah coming. And then, mysteriously, they all disappeared. Where did the highly technological and advanced civilizations such as the Olmecs, Egyptians, Mayans, and others go? I believe the good ones were raptured and the bad ones destroyed. This possibly means He came in the flesh more than one time.

3. Prophecies point to his coming in the flesh. This is referring to prophecies in the current mainstream Bible, as I’ve already spoken this regarding ancient texts. Again, these authors and figures would have also had to be falsified, which is just about impossible. Examples are found in the Psalms, and the book of Isaiah the Prophet. These are just two off the top but the Bible speaks many times of the coming Messiah.

4. Many today are receiving prophetic warnings about his return, this time in the Spirit. If he never came, how can this be a return? Test the Spirit so you can weed out the false prophecies. Still remaining are many precious words about His imminent return. The New Testament speaks about prophecies being poured out in the last days. If this text is false, then why does it support current occurrences such as the massive volumes of prophetic visions? Why are little children so young they are not yet reading worldwide having similar visions and testimonies of his return?

I typically give scriptural or other examples to support my points. However this time I purposely will not. I instead challenge you, if you disbelieve, to do the research. Take each of the four points above and search for information. There is lots out there. Be thorough and prayerful for answers and you will come to understanding. Also be patient if you remain confused. I promise it will pay off. There is a lot of intentional deception being spread by fallen angels on behalf of satan. Be steadfast in prayer and truth will be revealed in due time.

By prophetic insight, many understand we are living in the last days and times. He is going to return swiftly and quietly, like a thief in the night. He that has ears, let him hear. If you don’t believe, ask Him. He is the Firstborn Child of the Most High. And He is as close as our nose is to our face. Please don’t be deceived, for we will be judged by his words. Do you want eternal life with the Mother/Father? Are you Reborn or want to be? Are you following His Commands?

Pro-Tip: It’s always edifying to read the Book of John, often. All of the Gospels are valuable and worthwhile. But if you are just starting out, read John first. Share your insight about it with others.