We all know there’s only 24 hours in a day. And much of that is spent in sleeping. So with the time remaining, approximately 16 hours, how do we invest it?

Do we spent it in prayer, in helping others, in spending time with and listening to Yah? Or do we spend it in the world, in entertainment, in social media and with friends who haven’t devoted their lives to Yashua? This is important, because the Lord only invests in those who invest in Her/Him. And the return on our investment is indescribable. It goes beyond earthly things such as wealth and health. For spiritual things trump earthly things – and there is no comparison whatsoever. Blessings.

Excerpt from Yves Of Madagascar

 – Yashua is speaking to Yves.

“Everything that they did for the Lord, they will find it in Heaven in the form of a crown, treasure, and eternal blessings.

The Lord told me in this experience, “We must neither joke with the gospel nor take it lightly. We must be very careful that praying does not become a simple customary habit. You absolutely have to make prayer a lifestyle and prayer must be made a top priority, even when it comes to tiny things. We must henceforth think of things which are above in Heaven and not only those which are on Earth.

The Lord said, “You should not be absorbed by the routine of everyday life. You have to control the words that you say and the actions that you do in front of a person because they can cause wounds in his soul. You have to be very careful with your gestures, your way of dressing, your behavior for fear of provoking a temptation, inciting desire, and adultery in those who watch. Do not have the spirit of fornication, which is an abomination in the sight of God. Praying for one another is very important. When praying for a person’s name weighs heavily on the heart during prayer, say that person’s name and ask the Lord to cover them with His holy blood to protect them.”

Jesus said afterward, “There are other recommendations that I want to give you. Most men never asked Me for advice before doing something and often it is only when they are stuck that they invoke Me and ask Me to save them. From now on you must consult Me on how to proceed when you want to do things and it is only after you have obtained an answer from Me that you can proceed. When you ask Me for something, make it clear what you are asking for. Do not hesitate about it, whatever it is, whether it is money or equipment or something else.”