This is an excerpt from a testimony of an unnamed former satanist.

All occult sciences bind you to demons and make you a slave. Whether it is the meeting with the inner masters or false external divinities or magnetism, most therapies, astral travel, the goal is the same. You bind to demons so that they are be able to access your lives and kill yourself and your family. Perhaps also to use you as a human bomb to attract as many people as possible to hell.

In this world, all acts, even those that seem trivial, have spiritual consequences. Occultism seems beautiful as the fruit offered to Eve by Satan, but it leads to death. It’s really significant of how Satan deceives men. He gives them access to the spiritual world and therefore to knowledge. But the reality is much more miserable. At best, you will have access to the second world, but what is glorious, you will not have access to it. You are given a demon that allows you to do certain things but it is your mission to bring in as many demons as possible to destroy you or to use you to destroy other lives. In comparison, Jesus gave us His life so that we may have eternal life. He just asks us to wait a little here down until His return.

Have you ever wanted to break with the lifestyle you had?

Yes, but it is impossible without Jesus. We must still know Him and someone has to announce the Gospel to us! I had a sad life, filled with malice and devoid of simple pleasures of the life that God offers us; Satan defiles everything!

Before I did not really know that God existed and I mistakenly believed that Satan was the most powerful creature. Now I am jubilant when I think that Satan is obliged to bend his knees every time the name of Jesus is pronounced. I was really wrong. You know, that’s why Satan does not sleep, otherwise, he would not stop having nightmares. The smallest of the newly converted Christians bend his knees to the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ! Satan is a creature and Jesus is the Creator so powerful that He commands from His mouth to bring something to existence like the earth or the sun.

Under what circumstances did you end up turning to God?

In fact, it’s not really me who took the first step. It is God who really came to take care of our family. It takes a good deal of faith to change sides like that. You have to be sure to go from the weakest to the strongest! You know, God is not proud, unlike men; Jesus called me to Him several times in my life and never tired of doing so despite my blasphemy and the way I treated His servants.

God came to visit me simply, full of love. He is really so strong because He has poured His love into my heart and nothing has been able to block Him, neither the demons nor Satan nor me.

It was only a few years later when I arrived in an assembly where the leaders really walked in holiness (I thought such holiness did not exist, but that all Christians were hypocrites) that I decided to leave my baggage and bend the knee before Jesus my Lord.

What did you discover about Jesus Christ?

I discovered that His sacrifice on the cross was not a failure but the greatest victory that the universe and all the worlds have known. Jesus defends His children, He is the shield and the foundation. There is PEACE in Him.

Why did you persevere in faith despite all the fights you had?

Because Jesus is the only way. It’s not a simple verse, it’s a great truth. I am in a boat, that of Jesus. I am safe and I am very very good. In the water, there are crocodiles and sharks who want me to eat me up. And you ask me why I do not want to get out of the boat?

What did you have in the Lord that you did not have when you lived in darkness?

All. Asking the question means that you do not know the world of darkness. This world is torment, Satan himself is tormented and angry. All occults are tormented and devoured from within. It’s unbearable. Between the demons who claim blood, the dirty characters of the demons and their incessant arguments, it is not easy to live. Life in Jesus is very different. What peace than that of Jesus, what security, what deep and perfect love than that of our GOD. Happiness is in Jesus. God is not evil and even makes us participate in His life, His glory, His kingdom, and many promises. God comforts us when we are sad, He heals our wounds and uses us to demonstrate His glory. What a God and what a difference!

In what way is the Christian life more satisfying?

It is based on justice and the love of God. God loves us and acts precisely with us, He will not betray us and never abandon us. What insurance and what security. With regard to human relations, we have the Bible that should be meditated because it is our guide and allows us not to be abused by men.

What can you tell us about sin in general and about occultism in particular?

Sin should really afflict us. Already because it separates us from God, which is so unpleasant, but also because it is really something that deeply saddens God. Jesus is our fiancé and we, the Church, are His beloved. Jesus is in love with us, He never tires of looking at us, in love. It’s like I’m with my fiancée and she starts looking and talking to another man with love. How sad! But sin is worse, it is spiritual adultery. That same fiancee has relationships with others as you sanctify yourself for her.

Occultism is an insult to God and is so small. To think of yourself as gods when the true God gives you the air you breathe is pitiful. Learn to know God, to know the sanctification and the absence of sin of long duration because that is the life with God and God honors us when we honor it.

If you had one message to give to men, what would it be?

Jesus is coming back soon, very soon. He comes looking for a Church without spots or wrinkles. He comes to seek men and women living in sanctification. He gave His life for you, He died on the cross to redeem you at a very great price. Convert and live! Let go of sin and live! Let go of the idols and live! He calls a new generation, Christians who live in sanctification. Christians of simplicity, sanctification, exemplary depth and with a message that has not been heard and seen before except in the Bible. Here is this message: Jesus is coming back! Prepare yourselves! Do it today, now. Tomorrow may be too late. Jesus will change your lives.