Stop trying to be delivered! Aim to be Saved instead.

I didn’t plan to write this. I was told to do it. So here’s my experience with deliverance ministry, two examples.

I took a loved one to a ministry that focuses on deliverance. I was a little skeptical, which will be explained better in the second example, but I was desperate. Very much so. So I wanted to believe they could get rid of evil spirits tormenting this person, even though I believe these spirits are clever and leave when the person is “delivered” only to come back later. They play those type of games. But I prayed and was told to try it. That also gave me a false hope. But Yah is soooo intelligent, wise and all-knowing, She had something in store totally unexpected by me.

So we went. And the minister there was a genuinely nice guy. And after a one-on-one session where I wasn’t present, he told me privately that the person may not crack, meaning they may not open up for the process to work. That was true, but the minister was way too doubtful, and shall I say, a little fearful? Then the person who I brought to see him told me later that the minister was a nice guy but insecure and fearful, exactly what I noticed but hadn’t spoken about.

The minister had told me privately that there’s so much to learn about the spirit world and a lot he had to still learn. That confused me because I’ve read a lot of testimonies from people who went from severe darkness (witchcraft) to the light, and they basically make it all seem simple. And the bible says that Yah is not the author of confusion. So from the testimonies, they pretty much all say that the devil is weak, he is the enemy of God and does his best to fool mankind into following him through promises of material things, fame, fortune, etc….the little trinkets that mean so much to those ensnared in the world. And that once they met Yashua, the world turns into a meaningless nothing. As absolutely no thing in this fallen realm can come even close to what we got going on in the true world, the everlasting world that is the template where earth is copied from. It’s like it’s in 3d and we are living in a flat, colorless 2 dimensional world. Actually I’ve heard it’s more like the fifth dimension but I don’t know enough about it to speak on it.

So this minister was utterly ineffective to the point of discouraging me! I was like, can we try this again next week? And he was doubtful, mainly of himself in my opinion. He seemed intimidated by the person I brought who was a lot younger and was in no way outwardly intimidating. But he has a strong spirit yet disbelief in Yashua, which is what is allowing the evil spirits entry in my opinion.

While I was there I heard like a growling in another room and some sounds like a chair being thrown. Some of the ministers rushed in to help the minister in there from the person seeking deliverance who was apparently demonstrating demonic possession. And they were burning incense, which is a no-no in my experience, as it only attracts more demons, not repels them. That is unless it’s frankincense and myrrh, which it didn’t smell like to me.

I called the minister three days later, to  give him an update on how the person was doing and also to reassure him by letting him know the person spoke well of him. And he never returned my call. So I asked Yah why did you put me through all this, why didn’t you simply tell me not to go there? After waiting patiently, I got that I was supposed to share this. And so I just did. And maybe there’s more to why I had to go there because honestly I was initially kind of mad. I paid this person cash to help my friend and I could’ve donated it to a better cause. And I wasted my time it felt like because he gave up so easily, which really made me feel discouraged. And why are you trying to deliver people if you feel you’re still learning? But every opportunity to forgive is like a golden ticket. So I prayed for him and still do.

My second experience was with a Youtuber girl I started watching because she gave some interesting testimonies. Later on, she started a deliverance ministry. I didn’t know much about them, but she made some vids explaining that it would take hours for her to expel demons from people. I thought that odd. Like why was it taking so long? And that the demons would talk to her, calling humans stupid, and saying other vile things about us. Explaining this at one point brought her to tears, at how vicious and ugly they were. But what some commenters brought to light was why in the world are you listening to demons? Tell them to shut up and go away! Don’t hear them out. And I got the clear impression that she was traumatized by them.

In the Bible, Yashua didn’t allow them to speak for long. He told them to get out and keep it moving. The only time we hear them speak is when questioned by Him or when they were begging Him for mercy. They weren’t allowed a platform to disparage human beings. So why she cared so much about what they thought and what they were saying about us wasn’t really warranted. I felt they were using her and that they were in control, not her. But she falsely thought she had the upper hand.  

Watching her made me not believe in deliverance.  And from reading testimonies, I understood that being Reborn automatically causes deliverance. No evil spirits can inhabit a sanctified vessel. Once rebirth occurs, there is simply no room for them because we are filled completely by Yah’s Holy Spirit. So instead of seeking deliverance, we need to seek to become Born Again.

When that happens, our hard drives are wiped clean. There will be no remembrance of painful memories because Yashua cleans them off of our minds and hearts. And if we do remember them it’s for helping others, like in giving a testimony, but the experience is now neutral, the wound is completely healed. We literally get the chance to start over. And it’s refreshing, renewing, rejuvenating. No spa on earth can touch what it feels like to be born again. It’s what the earthly spas inspire to but can never attain.

If even one Soul is helped by this, to Yah be All the Glory forever! Amen.