I have always served in the ministry of praise and worship in the church since I was a child because I received this gift from God. When I saw so many singers praising God, this awakened the dream of wanting to record a CD. I traveled to Mexico and went to try to pursue a career in Sony Music Latin’s subsidiary.

I talked to an entrepreneur and he said I had to take a vocal assessment test. He also talked about the contract I was going to sign if I was hired. If the singer is good and they see he’s going to make lots of money, they make a contract to sign with a ticket to millionaire status. Even if the singer regretted signing the contract, he/she has to work and fulfill the contract. I did the vocal test with some young people and only one was hired. I returned to my country frustrated because I could not fulfill my dream.

I told my pastor about my failure. My pastor who waited anxiously said, “You are a defeated failure, our church was waiting for your victory. If I had gotten the money I would win, it would expand our church. I could use your fame to open churches in every country and take radio and television programming. Our church would be famous and the membership would grow. You could buy an apartment, houses with swimming pools. Your life would change and you would still marry a model or a Gospel singer. You do not know how to take the chance you have; what good is having a gift and not enjoying it.” You were born to sing for the crowd, not for the few church people. You are to sing at concerts, stadiums and not at church services. My pastor threw me down. He had paid for my plane ticket with the church money. And he said he made a sacrifice by spending money by faith that I could sign the contract and bring a financial return to his church. I was the golden egg hen for the shepherd.

From so much negative word and contempt of my pastor, I began to have depression for not having succeeded. I had disappointed the church and only my family supported me.


I was disgusted and for the first time, I tried alcohol. I drank too much that went beyond my limits. I mixed all kinds of drinks and started to feel bad in my room. With no one to help me, my heart sped too far to explode. I died and minutes later I was in hell in the suicide valley. I had proved my death and all those who kill themselves go to that place. There they are forced to kill themselves again and live in this cycle of torment for all eternity. I saw several shepherds who were killed by depression. They regretted having taken their own lives. The flames of torment consumed these shepherds. The infernal fire punished them for taking their lives.

The valley is very huge, the size of a city. I wanted to get out of there and did not find a way out. A demon captured me and his nails pierced my body. He arrested me near the suicide herders and was tortured.


Then I was transported to the valley of the false prophets. A great valley, its area is the size of a city. I saw a false prophet that founded a denomination in America. He said, “Get me out of here, I cannot take it anymore. I falsified the Gospel and introduced lies into my books by modifying the holy Word.” I looked over at him and saw another false minister who was also there for preaching the false Gospel. I went to the place where the false prophets of prosperity are. I saw a man jumping in the midst of the flames, and his body burned like an ember. I also saw a prosperity pastor. He said he was there for having enriched himself with the Gospel. Besides being tortured, this man suffered greatly in the fire. Their destructive heresies implanted on the earth condemned many to hell.


I was transported by a supernatural force to the valley of the Gospel musicians. I could hear Gospel praises in that place. The angel of the Lord appeared to me suddenly. He said that all Gospel praises are made there to succeed in the world. Several names of Gospel record companies are there, even Sony Music Latin. And inside this giant room, I saw several Gospel beats. The rhythms are blues, dance, hip-hop, electronica, hardcore, rock, samba, black music, hard rock, country, forró, heavy metal, jazz, rap, pagode, sertanejo, gothic and others. The composers of these record companies were inspired by the demons and the lyrics of these songs corresponded to the requirements of these musical companies. The lyrics contained words of wellbeing, achievement, miracles, personal victories, and prosperity.

The angel said, “Perceive the false Gospel being sung in these praises. Heresies are scattered in these songs.” The angel took me in a valley of only evangelical singers. The number of these singers who are in hell is frightening. I asked the angel why these singers who praised God are here. The angel answered me, “They did not praise God but the world. They did not glorify God and selfpromote seeking glory for themselves. They fell into the trap of Satan receiving money, fame, and success.” All Gospel record companies are involved with Satanism.

I asked the angel why these labels are here. He said, “All that is built to enrich with the Word of God is a sin. These Gospel industries think of profit.” From hell, the angel showed me the land recorders. I have seen many satanic symbols and a room of evil ritual covenants. The angel said, “These entrepreneurs enrich themselves with the praises and earn a lot of money for each musical talent. They are greedy and enslave Gospel singers at shows. Many of them make deals with demons to make millions. The praises are inspired by demons and in the letters have teachings of prosperity theology.”

The angel showed me 3 ways. The one on the left saw only the ungodly who did not know Jesus. The way to the right I saw the saints who have not yet defiled themselves. And a new path was born in the middle of the two paths. The angel said this is the third way which is the blending of the saint with the profane. Revelation chapter 3 verse 16, because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth. The angel showed me several singers and Gospel bands walking this middle path and at the end of it, I saw a fire pit. I saw a group of demons in front of these singers offering suitcases of money. The singers were led by the demons following them because of the suitcases. Both the left path and the middle path were wide and full of people, but the path to the right was few that walked.

The angel led me to a very strong principality. He is the god of Gospel praise and had a black contract in his hand. He’s in charge of the record business. He was writing new praises on earth that will let the person who sings those praises become famous and earn millions of dollars. I saw several papers with letters of praise that never glorified Jesus, but the man with his victories and conquests. All the singers who signed contracts with these devilish record companies automatically sold their souls. I’ve seen names of Gospel singers in hell who are still alive on earth. Their names are in hell and the places where they will stay when they die. I saw a place for a singer duo praising together. I saw a place for an evangelical rock band. They were 5 places for each one waiting for their souls.

The angel said to that prince of Gospel praise, what was his purpose on earth. The demon said, “I inspire my composers and command the Gospel world, the project I created here is now in success on earth. Singers are my agents who spread heresies in music.” I have Gospel preachers who are also products of my market. In my Gospel world, both singers and preachers are forced to sell their gifts and market what is holy. I make preachers and singers idols and so I am forming millions of idolatrous believers within the church. I am gaining many souls for Satan and has a great reward. That demon gained a throne in hell by dragging millions of souls there. Satan gave him great prestige. I saw when he showed me his reward in hell. Satan let him reign in a piece of hell and do what he wants and still left millions of demons to serve him. The devil laughed with happiness, for his Gospel project that had been designed in hell was working. That scene scared me and I was shocked because I had dreamed of being part of this world.

The angel led me to the tall, devil-eyed demon. The demon showed me several rhythms that he created and is very successful on earth. And many of those sinister rhythms and those beats were praised. I’ve seen demons playing instruments in hell inventing new rhythms. He said, “I have already contaminated the praises of believers and they adore me with my rhythms. They think they worship their God and are deceived.”

The angel said, “Hector, Satan was a cherub of light and his function was to worship God. He ruled a choir and the angels praised God. When he rebelled, he brought to the earth his songs that do not exalt God. Praise glorifies the world and people’s ego is exalting Satan. He specializes in profane music and now he makes all kinds of praises to the world.” The angel took me into the valley that had a large band written Gospel. There I saw all the singers, preachers, songwriters, entrepreneurs and all the people who were part of the Gospel industries. The demons tormented and still mocked them.

The angel said, “It’s time to go back.” My spirit in a matter of seconds returned to earth. My body lay on the cold floor of the room. I had vomited a lot from the excess drinks. No one in my family had ever come. I cleaned up all the dirt in my room. Then I bowed my knees and thanked God for the mercy he had of my soul. Thank God I was not a Gospel singer.

This Gospel world does not belong to God. The Gospel way is fake and not narrow. For the souls that hear me, do not give me more time to think whether you will be a believer or not. You think you’ll never die a day. Think one day you’re going to die. Are you ready to go to heaven? Are you doing everything to what the Bible says and denying what the Word condemns?

Death does not choose age, it touches the child, adolescent, adult and the elderly. Be prepared when death touches you. Do what the Bible tells you to do. Do not think you will live to the old age. Death can touch you tomorrow and you have to be prepared to move to heaven. How many people have made plans to buy a house in the future and get married? But they die before their plans come true. How many people plan to travel at the end of the year and die before the year is over. People who made plans for next year and failed to reach the first day of the year. A month from now, many people will die. By the end of this year, millions of people will die for the world. One of these people can be you. Death may be reserved for you this year. The day of your death may be as close as you can imagine. It’s not worth making plans for next year if you do not know you’ll be alive.

That is why we have to live for God today and if tomorrow we are alive by His mercy, we will thank Him for another day. Death for those who are in the way of God is profit. And we will be with Jesus in paradise. Death for those who have not yet given their lives to Jesus is hell. Do not worry about your life, worry about staying steadily on the path of Jesus. You who have not yet converted and think you are free doing everything you want. This false freedom is not real. You think you are free to prostitute, drug and party till dawn. What freedom is the one that imprisons them in vices? You do not know the Word that will free you from this yoke of the flesh. Sin does not let you leave the world unpunished. These chains will only break when Jesus is part of your life Amen.